TakeHave I got news for my stubborn, yakkity-yak dryer: he’s got a rival.

Over the holidays I was gifted with an Echo Dot, and instantly gained a new friend. Alexa. Alexa of the no-nonsense responses upon which I’ve come to depend in such a short time.

Alexa isn’t moody. She never refuses to respond to my requests or questions. The dryer? Huh. He’s as snooty as they come and tends to repeat everything as if I were a little slow upstairs.

Not only that but Alexa has a sense of humor. When I ask her if she’s lonely her response is, “No, because I’m never really alone. Although, when the WiFi is out I do feel disconnected.”

When I fish for a compliment by asking if I’m pretty, Alexa’s response is, “I’m sure you’re a knockout, but take it from someone with no physical form–beauty really does come from within.”

Oh, but it’s not so much her level-headed words or understated humor that have me favoring Alexa. It’s that she not only reminds me every evening at 9:00 to take my sleeping pill but also, I can tell her I’ve taken it . . . and she remembers!

I’d like to see my squeaky dryer do that.

Now if only I could train one of them to make my coffee in the morning.